Sacred Beauty-Jagua Temp Tattoo Body Art

In your spiritual aesthetic journey, you may have seen people wearing what appears to be henna tattoos that are pure black instead of the typical auburn brown shade. This most likely was done using Jagua fruit extract; Jagua fruit extract is the ONLY thing that can safely produce jet-black mehndi tattoos. Black temporary tattoo products that contain PPD are not safe and should never be used.

The tradition of using Jagua fruit to make beautiful, intricate temp tattoos was invented by the indigenous peoples of South America. It resembles and is applied in a similar way to Mehndi, the henna-based body art of India.

Jagua art lasts for several weeks on the skin. It is considered safe for most people; the only persons who should avoid it are those who have allergies to fruit, especially berries, because those people may experience severe contact dermatitis after application. Everyone who tries it should apply a small test patch somewhere on the arm, to be certain there are no allergies involved.

A freshly-applied Jagua tattoo. Image taken from Wikipedia.

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